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I know no one really looks here any more, and I'm not very active here much. :/

but, I have entered one of my photos into a contest! I'm amongst the semi finalists.

I'm losing quite bad, but it would make my day if some peeps came and voted for me. :D

My submission is titled "Gex" it's the only reptile there so you can't miss it. lol

You can vote here:…

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Hello~ I figured it was about time for me to come back from dissapearing from the face of the earth.. :D

I've recently aquired the latest and greatest rebel, the T1i. It's awesome. :D Time to get uploading.
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Well, a lot of things have happened in the past few weeks. I've made some new friends, a new enemy, been challenged, and my computer is out of order.

Let's start out with the bad thing that happened. Some asshat decided they wanted to key my car, I don't know who would want to do that because I don't really give any one a reason to do so, but w/e. It's giving me more of an excuse to repaint my car, and to do body work on it, so I guess it could by my motivator in fixing up my car.

Now that that's out of the way, I've made a couple of new friends online, and IRL.

Every one go say hi to :iconewillinfinity: he's new here and has some good work.

I also met this guy with a crazy twin turbo RX-7! Then later that day I met this guy with a 700hp Nissan. I didn't get a good look at it, but it's crazy fast! It runs on ethanol and fire comes out of the exhaust! I know that it can beat sports bikes like nothing and it's a really insane car!

My challenge is that my step dad doesn't belive that my D16 Z6 civic can't get into the 15 second range for a 1/4 mile run. My friend has the same car as me and got a 15.5 and I'm going to prove my stepdad wrong!

My computer is out of business right now so all my submissions I plan on doing tonight on my friends computer. But it is my friends computer and I don't know if he will let me use it for an extended period of time.

Oh btw, my gf drew me and her again and I think it's amazing! TJ this is what I think mada should look like XDD but that kinda defeats the purpose right? I think it's great, she even drew us as vampires XD. After I saw this I told her she should dye her hair red. xD

I posted it as my new webcam!! Look down there to see it~

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Does any one know of any good photography clubs? The two that I have joined are getting lazy or something. they stoped actually subbmitting them as mini deviations with a forwarding link, and they started just adding all of the "submissions" to their collections of the month. I find this a little ghey since the users dont get all of the submissions directly sent to them, they have to go check up on the club every time they want to see if there is something new. I liked it when I didnt have to go back and forth checking to see if any thing new was up. any ways.. I was wondering if there were any good well maintained clubs out there that i could join~

In other news.... wazzap?
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Well, I have another week off of school because the TAKS test is going on and I'm a senior and i don't need to take test. I'm trying to think of things to take photos of. If any one has any themes they would like to see I'll be sure to try and get some shots of it.

My best friend :iconshadow-vlad: has a lot of art to be seen but is too under exposed to every one~ I'll be featuring some of his greatest and latest art here on the journal (not that this gets a lot of hits any ways XD) He's a manga artist so every one out there that likes anime give him a try, he's good~………

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The latest Deviation I've submitted is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image. Please give it a look over and critique me. And yes I took this w/ my oh so awesome DSLR : D

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I think it's the normal Canon Rebel (the first one) I'll post up some photos that I take with it later, (havn't really tried to take a good photo yet lol just playing around w/ it)

I also aquired a HUGE lens! its a 28-200mm zoom lens! its oh so awesome

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I'm selling everything I can to get this camera, after that I will be shooting photos so much! I'm also getting a zoom lens w/ it and the whole deal! I'm so excited about this, I get to have a camera that is sooo goood with an awesome lens w/ 2GB memorycard and everything for just $300!
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tagged by: :iconshadow-vlad:

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1. We are the same height
2. Loves cute things to the Max~
3. Lost my 4GB flash drive.. -.-
4. Can draw epic...ness
5. had short hair... once
6. Can play coheed and cambria on the piano (witch is bitchen~)
7. Did i mention how much cute he likes?
8. This dude is leh awesome
9. Used to be a caffine head...
10. PROCRASTINATOR (if he says "I'll finish it later" he wont)

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Well I crashed my Honda Accord today.. :/

I'll update with photos when they get developed.. :/

I also want to post up progress as I fix it...

well i grabbed my mom's point and shoot (wich isnt really that bad eather.. got some pretty good options for a point and shoot) any ways. i have some new photos of it up and just to let you know that these pictures are after we hammered it, and jumped on it, and etc.. when i get the REAL photos back from the lab, (wich i can't due to transportation problems lol) those will show the true extent of the damage
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whenever i try to click on my messages i get forwarded to :wilbur-chan: 's inbox... (no im not going through her stuff) and i can see my messages and deviations going up and i cant click them.. the only thing i can do is send notes... >.<

soo.. im kinda stuck here.. doing nothing.. ive looked through her gallery and i really like her picture of the hands she drew.. i wish i could draw hands that good so here's a link.. check her out ~… ~

any ways... just letting you know i have no idea when im gonna get to comment back on any thing T.T

weirdest encounter ive had w/ DA since.. forever XD
lol any ways.. I think it's safe to say im back for good XD

oh yeah.. and another glitch i found, i cant look at my own page while im signed in, and my art/stats go back in time like, pictures arnt uploaded yet, and pageviews are gone XD like near a hundred or something lol any ways.. deuce..
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Thank you every one who has been concerned about my wreck. On the other hand, fuck off every one who just wants to fuck me over more.

I crash my car, my mom insults me gives me a hard time, my step dad "master mechanic" decides he's just gonna talk shit to me, give me a hard time and just fix my car to get it out of the driveway, well I went out and bought another battery for it, he wants to put it on, then wants me to go out and buy more parts for it, and he never tells me when he's working on the car so i cant tell when to go outside randomly to help. Then when i do find out he's working on the car i go out to try and help and all he does is give me shit.

To top it all off, Vanessa decided to trade out time together yesturday, to go out for lunch.

And, we were supposed to hang out today, but i havnt even gotten a call from her and it's nearing the end of the day, and she has plans w/ other people soon. So, shit from mom, shit from step dad, ... gf is going off somewhere else, friends arnt much help, etc...

thank you everyone that was concerned, thanks for not giving me a hard time and not making me want to just sleep till school is here again, thx for the support.. i wish all my friends were as great as you.
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well ive decided that i want to get a DSLR.

after i get a job.. and my lap top that i want.. that will be the next thing on my list of thigns to buy.. oh yeah.. and a new suspension for my car XD (it needs to get fixed)
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Well... please don't read this unless your really bored b/c i dont deserve the attention.

I feel really shitty saying this but... I'm sorry for being lame and not posting anything.. ever.. :/

Well... does any one remember how i met this girl last year around march? (ive been reading over my journals XD and noticeing how far ive come...)

well our one year anniversary is comming up (on the 19th) and our plans for the beach have been canceled (whole other story for that) but im happy that its been a year!

Ive kinda moved away from drawing, but i still sketch out doodles from time to time.. and i usualy mess them up at the end so .. :/ lol

any ways  i still have that car.. i need a job.. (b/c i quit my last job for vanessa (they were trash talking her, and to much talking shit about her, so i left) and they were treating me unfairly)

vanessa's currently out near the beach for softball w/ her team...

at first i wanted her to play softball b/c she loves it.. but now i hate it.

her coach doesnt let her play games b/c she shows to much affection twords me. wtf?

any ways.. she told me she cares about me more than softball, but then doesnt show me affection at school.. the only time i get to see her... ugh all i know is im not supporting softball any more.. if it means that softball takes her away from me.. then fuck it. any ways.. enough of the drama rant

ive got alot of pictures to show every one... i'll try and post'em up.. ive gtg to school... deuce
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well, it seems that ive had alot of news for everyone latley XD

well i have purchased a new camera today, its the exact same camera w/ the same lens just the lens is newer and better.

also it appears that the owner of this camera took better care of the camera so i will posting some new photos later this week ^.^
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well two weeks ago i droped my camera D:

it just kinda fell out of my back pack w/o my consent to do so ... so it wasnt me not taking care of it i swear! XD

but any ways... some good news, im getting the exact same camera and lens for it on thurday morning so i will be back to taking some photos,

a project in class is~ Taking photos of a learning enviornment.

also if any one wants me to take some other photos of anything.. feel free to ask! ^.^
(i feel a little conceded now asking for 'requests' but i hardly have a spacific 'topic' to shoot on)
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well as some of you know.. im getting into photography and drifting away from the pencil. D:

but in good light i have a flickr
so go check out my page b/c its ALOT easyer to upload there than it is here.. but i will keep posting here :)

also i'll try sending all of you a "hey it's been a while" to try and catch up some what :p

srry havnt been here in a while.. i still love you all ^.^
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woot hell yeah!

92 accord ex! so excited :D
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ello there~

If you place a devious comment here I will:

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a colour that I associate with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this in your journal
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well, it turns out Vanessa's mom want as mad at me as i thought, so things are great! ^.^ Dont worry this whole jurnal isnt just about Vanessa :] although i would like it to be lol.. any ways. I have several projects in progress right now, one is for Vanessa that i said i would draw her something wai wai back long time ago.. lol :/ and i'm drawing an ipod "rave" type of thing.. tis cool i'll try and find a scanner large enough to scan the rough draft of it.. its going to be fantastic :D
i have my other peices of art in that ive claimed for a while... and im planning on going somewhere to get them scanned cuz yes.. they are big.. lol well that's all for today :)
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